Fixed Fee Solicitors

Our Fair Fixed Fees

You know how it can be… you look to engage a motor mechanic, builder, plumber or a lawyer and you don’t have a clue what the cost will be. In fairness, the cost cannot always be provided until the full scope of the work needed is discussed and then you can either say yes or no. We have all had experiences of fees for services rising after we have all agreed what the costs will be. At Portcullis, we are committed to providing a fixed fee up front that is both transparent and fair.

  Single Will (plus Vat) Mirror Wills (plus Vat) Single Will (inc Vat) Mirror Wills (inc Vat)
At Home £199.00 £299.00 £238.80 £358.80
In Store £99.00 £198.00 £118.80 £237.60

We want you to receive great service and value for money and we want to make a profit from providing great service. We do not expect to make lots of profit from every customer, we would rather serve thousands of customers and make a small profit from everyone. The added benefit for us is that each of our customers then tells their family, friends and work colleagues about us and we get even more customers.

Portcullis is the home of your £99 Will (plus VAT) per person

We have looked at the market place both locally and nationally and the difference in prices are enormous.

We have decided to offer a great value fixed fee of £99 per person per Will to any customer that visits our Law Store. This is obviously for a relatively straightforward Will(s) and if you have more complex matters to discuss with us such as you wish to exclude someone, have children from previous relationships or you have business assets, we will of course be happy to provide any additional costs to you that are also fixed and fair.

The important thing is you just get on with putting a legally valid Will in place and we believe at £99 per Will, we offer a fairly priced and great value service.