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What Sets Us Apart?

We believe passionately in “doing law differently”.

Not only are our team highly qualified and experienced, they have been recruited because they are great people people. Over 96% of our business has been recommended to us by our customers and fellow professionals such as accountants, financial advisers and even other law firms. We owe this to being specialists in estate planning and give great customer service.

We are trusted, qualified, experienced and have been around since 1988.

We are not the type of firm that just sits back, rests on our laurels and just carries on as before. We love to disrupt the status quo and do things differently for the benefit of our customers.

We looked at the legal profession in the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA. We researched how the profession needed to change to reflect the wants and needs of customers and most importantly, we looked at what customers didn’t like about lawyers.

This included too much legal jargon, not being friendly or approachable, a lack of transparency about costs be and being made to feel that they had to do everything at the lawyer’s convenience.

We also recognised that in order to provide the best in customer service, we had to listen to what customers were saying and then actually change our business model to ensure that customers received what was missing. We have listened…

Some of our key service innovations include;

  • We open until 7pm Monday to Friday for your convenience
  • We open on Saturday mornings by appointment for your convenience
  • We offer fixed, guaranteed fees so you know where you stand
  • We do not charge for every letter
  • We do not charge for every phone call
  • All of our team is friendly and approachable
  • We speak and write in plain English as often as we can
  • We communicate with you regularly – you will not have to chase us
  • We can visit you at home if you wish at your convenience