Approaching Retirement

Approaching Retirement?

As you think about, or embark on retirement, you will need to start thinking about planning your estate.

As we are all told we are living longer than ever before, we need to have all the right planning in place to ensure that everything we have worked long and hard for passes to the right people at the right time.

There are more threats to our hard earned assets than ever before but with professional, qualified and friendly advice, you can help guard against these threats. Issues such as sideways disinheritance, "gold diggers", divorce of a son or daughter and the ex daughter in law or ex son in law benefiting from your hard work through divorce settlements, care fees and beneficiaries that you wish to exclude from your Will trying to challenge your wishes. We can help guide you through these potential choppy waters and to help protect your wishes.

Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trust Planning are three of the most important things you must consider as you approach or are in reirement. Portcullis is here to help so please get in touch with us.