Make A Will Week

Portcullis Legals are supporting Plymouths local adult hospice - St Luke's Hospice - by offering your friends, families and relatives free Wills.

Over half of the population do not have a will and of those that do, over 20% of them have never reviewed it. Have you thought about your future and what will happen if the worst happens?

St Luke’s Make a Will Week runs all this week from Monday 15 – Friday 29 May. During the week we will be giving our time free of charge to update or create wills, in return for a donation to St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.

Simply make an appointment between 15 and 19 May, making sure to quote ‘St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth Make a Will Week’.

Last year’s St Luke’s Make a Will Week raised an incredible £18,974 for patient care. That’s enough in one week to provide specialist care to 18 people at home, giving them access to a variety of care including nurses, social workers, physio’s and occupational therapists.

What people often forget is that making a will is not just about sorting out the financial aspects. A will ensures that your final wishes are clear. Your possessions and property are going to the right place, and the family and children you leave behind are looked after.
For more information visit: www.stlukes-hospice.org.uk/will