Portcullis Legals see Marina Leadbetter through to MBA

The Plymouth based law firm Portcullis Legals are pleased to announce that Marina Leadbetter has been awarded an MBA from Exeter University.

The news of this MBA is particularly relevant because it was the law firm themselves that sponsored and supported Marina in her pursuit of her Masters which was in Business Studies with a specialism in innovation and sustainability. A very proud Marina collected her MBA just before Christmas

After receiving her award Marina said: “The MBA was a breath of fresh air and one of the best things I have ever done. I was extremely lucky to have been chosen by Portcullis Legals to be put through to the course, which gave me a valuable insight into some great organisations, including local start-ups and non-profits.”

This news reaffirms Portcullis Legals special relationship with the MBA course at Exeter University. The law firm’s Managing Director, Trevor Worth is also an alumnus having gained his MBA in 2015, he also lectures at the University and he also provides real life business scenarios for the students to immerse themselves in. In addition, Portcullis Legals has sponsored the University’s Innovation Award for the last two years, which this year was won this year by Cesar Torres.

Commenting on his award Cesar said: “Being the recipient of the Portcullis Innovation Award is a real honour. The Exeter MBA continues to move towards sustainability, leadership and the role of technology to address the enormous challenges faced by businesses and society at large. This requires a different way to thinking and drive to explore new ideas and the willingness to disrupt convention. This vision is shared by the team at Portcullis and I am very grateful for their support to our MBA by encouraging students to step up to the challenges and lead the change.”

Portcullis Legals Managing Director, Trevor Worth said: “One of our main commitments has always been to invest in people and Marina’s case is a perfect example of how that works in reality, not just as a tagline. We take pride in putting our staff through training and development in order to expand their skill sets. Each Client advisor is also put through their STEP qualifications to ensure we are one of the most highly qualified estate planning firms in Plymouth.”