Marrying, separating, divorcing or just living together?

Marrying, separating, divorcing or just living together?

We all have a journey through life and things just happen sometimes. Good, bad and indifferent.

From new beginnings, relationships that end badly or just difficult times trying to work out a way forward, we will all experience some or all of these.

More than ever, legal documents to help protect your interests and those people who you wish to protect, are critically important whether you are getting married, seperating or divorcing. 

In England and Wales, the minute you marry someone the Will you had in place is automatically cancelled by the marriage. It is therefore vital that you write a new Will to protect your new partner. If you are living together, your partner will be entitled to nothing if you should die, so again it is critical you put a Will in place.

We can help with this and we are very experienced in dealing with all types of situations, because just like you, our team also has good, bad and indifferent things going on in their lives.