Fixed Fee Solicitors

Our Fair Fixed Fees

You know how it can be… you look to engage a motor mechanic, builder, plumber or a lawyer and you don’t have a clue what the cost will be. In fairness, the cost cannot always be provided until the full scope of the work needed is discussed and then you can either say yes or no. We have all had experiences of fees for services rising after we have all agreed what the costs will be. At Portcullis, we are committed to providing a fixed fee up front that is both transparent and fair.


  Single Will (includes VAT) Mirror Wills (includes VAT)
At Home £239 £359
In Store £149 £249

We want you to receive great service and value for money. We take care of each and every one of our customers, talk to you in plain, non legal jargon and sort out the complicated legal process  on your behalf so that you have peace of mind. 


  Single Lasting Power of Attorney* (Includes VAT)
1 Power of Attorney £299
2 Powers of Attorney £480
4 Powers of Attorney £900
* The administration fees involved in the LPA (document drawn up, checked for registration and sent to OPG) are included in LPA fee, however court fee's which range from £0 - £82 are not included (click here for more info on court fees). 



Portcullis legals provide Trusts on a client by client basis. Please email us with a little bit more information so that we can give you a fixed price.