Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, only death and taxes are certainties in life.

Many of our clients decide to pay for their funerals in advance knowing that it will relieve the burden of cost, and the decision making required at a time of grief and loss.

At Portcullis Legals, we believe in offering our clients the full choice of prepaid funeral plans that are available in the UK as service levels, costs and types of plan can differ enormously. We help you through the array of plans that are available and help you decide upon what is best for you.

We are totally independent in this respect and are not biased like the firms that are trying to sell to you just their own funeral plans. We are on your side to achieve what is best for you. Contact one of our team who will be more than happy to help advise you.

With prices for the average funeral having doubled since 2004 (The Guardian, 2016) to around the £3900 mark and are now predicted to rise well in excess of inflation, and certainly well ahead of the interest rates your savings may be receiving in a bank account, now is the perfect time to secure the cost at today's prices.

Paying for tomorrow's certainty at today's guaranteed fixed prices. 

** New Offer Announcement** 

Portcullis Legals are offering a free Will for each Funeral Plan taken out. Please contact us for more information.

To take advantage of this offer, simply call us on 01752 401 401 or email us on enquiries@portcullislegals.co.ukEmail Us Now

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