Storage Vaults

You've spent a lot of money to put the right documents in place for you and your family, but then you just stuff those documents in a drawer or a file box somewhere. Hopefully someone will find it!!!

If your documents get lost, destroyed or are tampered with, the whole exercise will be a waste of time. By using our storage vaults your documents are safe and secure and the right people will be able to receive the right document at the right time.

Loss, fire, theft, damage - all of these things can be prevented by using our vaults. You get a copy of your documents for your records, you can also store any other important papers you have too (deeds, insurance documents, etc) and we will send you a Certificate of Storage for your files.

We also offer a Free Change Service for our clients that store with us, so if someone moves address, changes their name, or you wish to add or remove beneficiaries, we do it for you without sending you a new bill! Ask one of our team about our storage vaults service.

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