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Our clients are our focus. We want to guide you through your aims, your concerns and your wishes by giving you all the current advice, delivered in friendly plain English, and then providing the right solution for you and your loved ones.

We are not a jack of all trades, we pride ourselves on specialising in wills, trusts, estate administration and attorneyship. Let us provide you with a personal service, with a face-to-face meeting and only the highest standards of service.

Funeral Plans

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, only death and taxes are certainties in life. Many of our clients decide to pay for their funerals in advance knowing that it will relieve the burden of cost, and the decision making required at a time of grief and loss. At Portcullis Legals, we believe…
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Lasting Power Of Attorney

Do I Need A Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA)? It could be argued that a Lasting Power of Attorney is even more important than a Will, simply because you need it during your lifetime. An LPA is the bridge between your wishes and your family and trusted friends. A Lasting Power of…
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Making Your Will

Wills – Trigger Points For All Of Us We all know that a Will is something that we should all get around to, but in reality it becomes one of those things that gets put way down the list of priorities, unless something happens in your life to a family member, friend or colleague. We are here to…
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Probate & Estate Administration

Probate & Estate Administration – how we can help you at a distressing time If you need help now because someone close to you has passed away, WITH OR WITHOUT A WILL, we offer a cost-effective personal estate administration service at an agreed fixed fee and, not the…
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Storage Vaults

You’ve spent a lot of money to put the right documents in place for you and your family, but then you just stuff those documents in a drawer or a file box somewhere. Hopefully someone will find it!!! If your documents get lost, destroyed or are tampered with, the whole exercise will be a waste…
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Trust Planning – It’s Critical

Trust Planning – What is a Trust? Quite simply, a Trust is a box that you can place your assets into, in order to protect your estate or your intended beneficiaries, from the threats of probate costs, sideways disinheritance, divorce or bankruptcy of your beneficiaries, remarriage or…
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  • We are specialists in estate planning.
  • Over 30 years of expertise in Powers of Attorney, Tax Planning, Trusts and Wills.
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What clients say

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We met Trevor and the team and found their service to our needs second to none. We would recommend anyone to contact Portcullis Legals Ltd to help with their needs. We are not just saying this for the sack of saying it. We truly believe the Personnel service, and Professional help and advise given was second to none.

Mark Swift

November 8, 2018

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