New arrivals & a growing family?

From day one of the business being launched, our CEO Trevor Worth has passionately encouraged those clients with children to put Wills in place for one reason above all others…GUARDIANSHIP for those children.

“It doesnt matter what size house you have, how little or how much you have in savings or a bank account, this is all about you choosing who raises your children and influences them when you are not here”, said Trevor. “If you are happy for Social Services and the Courts to decide who raises your children, then just don’t write a Will. A piece of paper or an agreement between family members or friends just isn’t good enough. Let us prepare your Will and let us help you appoint the most influential people in your children’s lives potentially, if life doesn’t turn out as we all hope”.

Let us help you put your legal guardians in place in a legally binding document. We are here to help you at Portcullis.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are specialists in estate planning.
  • Over 30 years of expertise in Powers of Attorney, Tax Planning, Trusts and Wills.
  • Multi award winning business.

What clients say

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We met Trevor and the team and found their service to our needs second to none. We would recommend anyone to contact Portcullis Legals Ltd to help with their needs. We are not just saying this for the sack of saying it. We truly believe the Personnel service, and Professional help and advise given was second to none.

Mark Swift

November 8, 2018

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